Types of Amazon suspensions

According to our experience as Amazon consultants, there are more than 30 reasons for a suspension of an Amazon Seller account. They may provoke you the lost of your selling privileges or the complete deactivation of your Seller Central account.
As follows, we put a list of the most common causes for deactivation:


  • shipping time;
  • ODR (order defect rate);
  • wrong usage of A-to-Z claims;
  • alteration of feedback and reviews;
  • for misuse of the case management system or threats to amazon employees;
  • alteration of transactions or buyers;
  • improper or unauthorized company names;
  • inappropriate communications or mail;
  • inappropriate usage of buyers’ phone number;
  • inappropriate usage of buyers’ email address;
  • warnings signaling violation of a trade mark;
  • inappropriate usage of Amazon’s services;
  • inappropriate usage of sales ranking;
  • inappropriate usage of search function;
  • wrong product’s customization;
  • alteration of prices after a transaction and high shipping costs.


  • not athentic and not original products;
  • restricted products;
  • violation of Intellectual property (copyright, trade marks, design, etc);
  • unauthorized distributon;
  • price equity;
  • low quality score of refurbished products;
  • sale of software licences ESD (Electronic Software Delivery).


  • suspension for additional documents in order to verify the Seller’s identity;
  • violation of Amazon’s Terms and Conditions;
  • suspension for deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activities;
  • deactivation for correlation to a second Amazon account or to association to other accounts;
  • deactivation for lack of VAT taxation in Germany;
  • negative balance;
  • amazon seller account deactivated.


  • suspension of an Amazon Pay account.

The suspension of a Seller account might create damages to your online business.

Do you have an Amazon Seller account deactivated?

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