Amazon account suspended

A Seller that does not respect Amazon policies contained in the Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement, may lose the selling privileges for one or more markets of Amazon. As a consequence the account will be deactivated and funds will not be transferred.

Why an Amazon Seller account might be deactivated?

There might be different reasons for the suspension of a Seller account. Except for some specific cases where it depends on competitors, in the majority of cases it is the Seller that is the responsible for the deactivation because of a wrong behavior, not in compliance with Amazon policy.

Is it possible to reactivate an Amazon account which is deactivated definitively?

According to our experience, and to what amazon account health consultants told us, it is possible to reactivate an amazon account deactivated definitively. You may receive a notification with some messages like “your account will remain deactivated” or “you may no longer sell on Amazon” but you can continue to try to reactivate the account by sending a correct and detailed Plan of action, like those that we write.

What to do when a Seller account is suspended?

The only way to reactivate an Amazon Seller account is sending a correct Plan of action (POA).

If you need help to write it just fill in the form in this page and we will contact you.

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