Amazon account under review

Amazon is constantly monitoring Seller accounts.
To be more specific, they might verify:

  • identity documents;
  • the payment methods of your Seller Central (e.g credit card);
  • the freqeuncy and how much time you modify the payment methods of your Seller Central (credit card and bank transfer);
  • your monthly sales volumes of your Seller Account and revenues;
  • how much feedbacks you have in a determined period.

Velocity limits and sales volumes

When your account is monitored, it might happen that Amazon considers that your sales volumes are not supperted by customers’ feedbacks or do not respect the sales history. As a consequence, the Performance Team or the Account Health Support Team might decide to put your account under review: during this period a temporary hold will be placed on funds in your account, and Amazon may suspend your listings.

New members in Amazon

For new Amazon Sellers the velocity limits are calculated according to sales volumes done in 28 days. As a consequence, in order to dermine the initial sales volume, only transactions within the past 28 days are included in determining a seller’s current velocity.

Funds blocked on Amazon

The funds blocked for the reviewing of the account are separated to those that are blocked for other reasons like A-to-z garantees, chargerbacks, or not shipped orders.

How long it takes the review of an account

Most reviews are completed within 30 days, but Amazon may extend the review period at its discretion. The Seller will be informed at the end of the review.

What to do if an account is under review

If an account is under review, you may be able to expedite the process by sending Amazon the following information, as applicable:

  • you might verify that the payment methods added on Amazon are correct and related to the company registered;
  • you might send your Chamber of commerce registration in order to demonstrate how old the company is;
  • purchase invoice to inform them about the items’ origin;
  • anticipated monthly sales on Amazon for the following 365 days;
  • the availability of items for shipping;
  • the address of any retail locations;
  • links to other websites where you are actively selling (e.g. the website);
  • tracking information for recently shipped orders.

Review with negative outcome

If your account does not pass the review, the Seller will lose the selling privileges and the account will be deactivated. In this case we may help you with the writing of your plan of action.

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