Do you have an Amazon Seller Central account deactivated and you can no longer sell? Do you have your funds blocked and you do not know how to transfer them? Just rely on us for the writing of an Amazon Plan of Action. We are a unique company specialized in the reactivation of Amazon Seller account and in the creation of appeals for Amazon.


Did the Performance Team deactivate your selling privileges because they considered that you sold not original or counterfeit products?


Did your order defect rate exceeded the target of 1% in the last 60 days and Amazon removed your selling privileges?


Did Amazon deactivate your account because of the relation to another Seller account?


This is a professional and expert company. Thanks to them and to Menica’s politeness, we were able to solve a problem that has been creating us troubles for six months. We are very satisfied with their work and the assistance provided to us.

Andrea B. - Italy

I send you this email to thank you all for your dedication and care to reactivate our account.

Romeo P. - Italy

Thank you! Our Amazon Seller account was deactivated because we published products under restriction. I asked Daniele Rutigliano’s help in order to write a correct plan of action. As we tried to send two plans of action which were rejected both times, I was afraid that my account could remained deactivated. Daniele Rutigliano understood immediately what Amazon needed and, after we sent the third plan of action, the account was reactivated. Everything was done in two weeks. You should trust Daniele because he knows exactly what to do in these situations! Thank you again!

Roberto A. - Italy

I decided to rely on this team for the reactivation of my Amazon Seller account. I found on Internet few Amazon’s consultants, then I found this website and I met Daniele Rutigliano. To be honest, at the beginning I did not trust him completely and I was not sure that he could be able to reactivate my account because it was difficult to do. Then, after some days my account was reactivated and I’ve understood that actions speak louder than words!

Michele N. - Italy

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