Amazon Plan of action

What is Amazon Plan of action (POA)?

An Amazon Plan of action – its abbreviation is POA – is a document that the Performance Department of Amazon requires in order to reactivate an Amazon Seller account. It is needed after the lost of selling privileges and to transfer the funds that Amazon blocks as a consequence of the deactivation of an account.

Therefore, a Plan of action is a letter sent to Amazon in order to require the reactivation of the selling privileges. In this document the Seller should explain the causes of the deactivation of the account, the actions taken to solve the issue, and the preventive steps.

Sometimes, even if the account remains active, Amazon may ask for a preventive plan of action (a Seller has between 24 and 72 hours to send it) in order to avoid the lost of selling privileges in one or more markets and, as a consequence, the suspension of the account. A preventive plan of action, written in a correct and right way, is urgent in order to avoid a deactivation of the account.

Why a plan of action is helpful?

A Plan of action (POA) is written by a Seller (or an expert) and it is sent to Amazon for the following reasons:

  • preventing the lost of selling privileges;
  • requesting for the transferring of the funds blocked on your account;
  • obtaining the selling privileges and starting to sell on Amazon again;
  • reactivating the account after a temporary deactivation;
  • reactivating the account after a suspension;
  • reopening a closed Amazon account.

What are the phases of a plan of action?

The phases are as follows:

  • preventive notification from the Performance department about the review of your account and the possibility to lose your selling privileges;
  • deactivation of your account with the request of a Plan of action;
  • the Performance team of Amazon reviews your plan of action;
  • the Performance team sends you a notification about the approval or rejection of your plan of action with the requirement of more details and documents.

How can we help you?

In order to create a correct plan of action it is important to have experience. For this reason we suggest you to contact our consultants and ask for a quotation.

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